Dharma Talks

We hope you find some inspiration by listening to these talks given by various speakers over the last year or so.

Date Speaker Title Download
03/01/2015Eko Jeff Kelley Listening   Download
02/22/2015Koshin Christopher Cain  Understanding Our Unease       Download
02/15/2015 Eko Jeff KelleyThe Paramita of Meditation   Download
02/08/2015 Eko Jeff KelleyThe Paramita of Energy    Download
02/01/2015Eko Jeff KelleyThe Paramita of Giving   Download
01/25/2015Eko Jeff Kelley The Paramita of Discipline   Download
01/18/2015    Eko Jeff Kelley Dependent Origination and Total Dynamic Working, Part 2    Download
01/11/2015Eko Jeff KelleyDependent Origination and Total Dynamic Working, Part 1   Download
01/04/2015Mike Gillespie Resolutions and Vows   Download
12/28/2014Lee NelsonThe Lotus Sutra    Download
12/21/2014John NormuraFukanzazengi    Download
12/14/2014Eko Jeff KelleyThe Paramita of Patience    Download
12/05/2014Eko Jeff Kelley Hearing Buddha Speak (Rohatsu 2014)    Download
12/04/2014     Nomon Tim BurnettThis Precious Opportunity Together (Rohatsu 2014)

11/23/2014 Eko Jeff KelleyBeing in Relationship with the Energies of Our Mind   Download
11/09/2014 Eko Jeff KelleyTenderheartedness of Students and Teachers   Download
11/02/2014Eko Jeff Kelley    Nothing Out of Place   Download
10/26/2014Eko Jeff KelleyMindfulness of Mind   Download
10/19/2014Eko Jeff KelleyGood Meditation and Bad Meditation   Download
10/12/2014Eko Jeff Kelley Going Beyond Comfort  Download 
10/05/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley Healing Zen  Download 
09/28/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley Deep Faith in the Dharma  Download 
09/21/2014 Eko Jeff KelleyIndianola Sesshin, Day 4  Download 
09/20/2014 Nomon Tim BurnettIndianola Sesshin, Day 3  Download 
09/19/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley Indianola Sesshin, Day 2  Download 
09/18/2014 Nomon Tim Burnett Indianola Sesshin, Day 1  Download 
09/07/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley Inner and Outer Worlds, Part 3  Download 
08/31/2014 Mike Gillespie Is the news of the world too much to take? Download 
08/24/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley Inner and Outer Worlds, Part 2  Download 
08/17/2014 Eko Jeff KelleyInner and Outer Worlds, Part 1    Download 
08/10/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley You Already Have It, Part 3    Download
08/03/2014Eko Jeff Kelley You Already Have It, Part 2    Download 
07/27/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley You Already Have It, Part 1    Download 
07/20/2014 John Nomura Zazen    Download 
07/06/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley Expanding our Idea of Self    Download 
06/29/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley Resistance to Practice    Download 
06/22/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley Walking the Edge   Download
06/15/2014John Nomura Buddha Nature Download
06/01/2014Eko Jeff KelleyWalking-Around Zazen Download
05/25/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley Allowing Freshness to Burst Forth Download
05/18/2014 Kyosho Valorie Beer Zen Forms Download
05/11/2014 Mike Gillespie No Other Life Download
05/04/2014 John Nomura Non-Dharma Talk Download
04/20/2014 Anita Feng Sonin's Shadeless Tree Download
03/30/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley Zazen as Bearing Witness Download
03/23/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley See the Perfection Download
03/16/2014 Koshin Cain Picking Up and Putting Back Down Download
03/09/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley Going Beyond the Mind Download
03/02/2014John Nomura Notes on Zen Download
02/23/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley Dragons and Snakes Intermingle  Download 
02/16/2014 Eko Jeff KelleyThe Varied Aspects of Buddha Download
02/02/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley Freedom within Limitation Download
01/26/2014 Eko Jeff KelleyBroken Wooden Ladle, Part 3 Download
01/19/2014Eko Jeff Kelley Broken Wooden Ladle, Part 2 Download
01/12/2014 Eko Jeff Kelley Broken Wooden Ladle, Part 1 Download
01/05/2014Eko Jeff Kelley A Workable Stance - The Pure Precepts Download
12/15/2013Eko Jeff Kelley Going Out the Gate Download
11/24/2013 Eko Jeff Kelley Birth and Death Download
11/17/2013 Eko Jeff Kelley The Phantom City Download
11/03/2013 Eko Jeff KelleyBodhichitta and Dogen's "Arousing the Aspiration for Enlightenment"  Download
10/27/2013 Eko Jeff KelleyEquanimity and Love  Download
10/20/2013 Eko Jeff KelleyThe Precepts and Our Sense of Self  Download
10/13/2013 Eko Jeff KelleySangha as Practice  Download
10/06/2013 Eko Jeff KelleyCalm and Insight  Download
09/29/2013 Eko Jeff Kelley Students and Teachers Download
09/01/2013Eko Jeff Kelley Sickness and Medicine, Part 2  Download
08/25/2013 Eko Jeff KelleySickness and Medicine, Part 1 Download
08/18/2013 Eko Jeff KelleyNo Measurable Self Download
08/11/2013Eko Jeff Kelley OMGUR6T Download
07/22/2013Eko Jeff Kelley Seeing Delusion Through the Precepts Download
Zenshin Florence Caplow
Zazen in a Female Form
06/23/2013Eko Jeff Kelley Mutuality and Giving Download
06/09/2013 Eko Jeff Kelley Showing Up in the Moment Download
06/02/2013 Eko Jeff Kelley Finding Refuge in the Moment Download
Eko Jeff Kelley
Loving the World as We Find It - 3
Eko Jeff Kelley
Loving the World as We Find It - 2
Eko Jeff Kelley
Loving the World as We Find It - 1
Leigh Brasington
Nomon Tim Burnett
The Seven Factors of Awakening
Genko Kathy Blackman
The Four Reminders
01/06/2013 Lee Nelson
Concentration  Download

Older Talks from Particular Guest Teachers

Byakuren Judith Ragir
Oneness and Twoness
Kyoan Sandra Taylor
Qingyuan and the Price of Rice