Practice Events

Daily and weekly practice is supported and deepened by attending these more focused events.

Annual Calendar

Sesshins, Retreats and Workshops

Sesshin, an intensive multi-day Zen retreat, is a cornerstone of Zen practice. In sesshin, we directly cultivate Buddha, our own awakening. Retreats are a less formal, less rigorous version of sesshin and serve as an introduction to sesshin practice. Workshops offer hands-on participation in a particular aspect of practice.

Classes and Practice Periods

Classes deepen our understanding of the Dharma and allow us to share our experiences with the ups and downs of practice.

Social Activities and Shared Interest Group Events

Other events offer opportunities for connecting with Sangha members in social and practice-related activities.

Practice Events in the Broader Everyday Zen Sangha
There are many rich and valuable practice opportunities offered by our related sanghas.