2016 Practice Events 
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Jan. 19 – Feb. 9 Class: The Heart of our Liturgy - Zen Ancestors Chanting the Present Moment, four sessions

Feb. 20     Retreat: One-day, led by Eko Jeff Kelley at Blue Heron Zendo

Mar. 8 – Apr. 26   Class: Dongshan and the Practice of Suchness, eight sessions

Apr. 1 – 3    Sesshin: Two-day, non-residential sesshin led by Eko Jeff Kelley at Dharma Gate in Seattle, Fri. evening - Sun. afternoon

May 17 – June 7  
Facilitated discussion: Practice and World Events, four sessions

May 28   Retreat: One-day, led by Eko Jeff Kelley at Blue Heron Zendo

June 17 – 25 Sesshin: Eight-day sesshin at Samish Island, led by Norman Fischer, sponsored by Red Cedar Zen Community

 Jul. 9 
Retreat: One-day sit with Puget Sound Zen Center on Vashon Island, led by Koshin Cain and Jeff Kelley

 Jul. 16 Jukai Ceremony and Day of Practice and Support at Blue Heron Zendo, Sitting at 9:00 am, ceremony at 2:00 pm.

 Sep. 6   Oct. 4 Class: Introduction to Zen Practice, four sessions 

 Sep 16 – 21 Sesshin: Five-day sesshin at Camp Indianola, led by Jeff Kelley, Tim Burnett and Valorie Beer, sponsored by SSZ

 Sep. 24 Workshop: Buddhist Ethics with Valorie Beer

 Oct. 9 – Dec. 11 Practice Period

 Oct. 11 – Nov. 29 Class: Buddhism in the Modern World, eight sessions 

 Oct. 22 Retreat: One-day sit led by Jeff Kelley at Blue Heron

 Nov. 30  Dec. 4 Rohatsu Sesshin: Four-day sesshin at RCZC in Bellingham, led by Tim Burnett and Jeff Kelley, sponsored by RCZC