2016 Practice Events 
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Jan. 19 – Feb. 9 Class: The Heart of our Liturgy - Zen Ancestors Chanting the Present Moment, four sessions

Feb. 20     Retreat: One-day, led by Eko Jeff Kelley at Blue Heron Zendo

Mar. 8 – Apr. 26   Class: Dongshan and the Practice of Suchness, eight sessions

Apr. 1 – 3    Sesshin: Two-day, non-residential sesshin led by Eko Jeff Kelley at Dharma Gate in Seattle, Fri. evening - Sun. afternoon

May 17 – June 7  
Facilitated discussion: Practice and World Events, four sessions

May 28   Retreat: One-day, led by Eko Jeff Kelley at Blue Heron Zendo

June 17 – 25 Sesshin: Eight-day sesshin at Samish Island, led by Norman Fischer, sponsored by Red Cedar Zen Community

 Jul. 9 
Retreat: One-day sit with Puget Sound Zen Center on Vashon Island, led by Koshin Cain and Jeff Kelley

 Jul. 16 Jukai ceremony, 2:00 pm at Blue Heron Zendo

 Sep. 6   Oct. 4 Class: Introduction to Zen Practice, four sessions 

 Sep 16 – 21 Sesshin: Five-day sesshin at Camp Indianola, led by Jeff Kelley, Tim Burnett and Valorie Beer, sponsored by SSZ

 Sep. 24 Workshop: Buddhist Ethics with Valorie Beer

 Oct. 9 – Dec. 4 Practice Period

 Oct. 11 – Nov. 29 Class: (topic to be announced), eight sessions 

 Oct. 22 Retreat: One-day sit led by Jeff Kelley at Blue Heron

 Dec. 1 - 4 Rohatsu Sesshin: Three-day sesshin at RCZC in Bellingham, led by Tim Burnett and Jeff Kelley, sponsored by RCZC