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Sutras and Verses for Chanting

Chanting is an important part of our practice and is deeply rooted in Buddhist tradition. Here is an online collection of the chants we use at Seattle Soto Zen:

Print your own copy
If you would like to print a copy of the Seattle Soto Zen chant book for personal or group use you are encouraged to do so as long as you do not charge for the content. The Adobe PDF files below were used to print the books we use weekly. You will need to print two sided and collate to produce the book correctly. We have also provided a Microsoft Publisher version of the original source material from SF Zen Center if you find that easier to use.

Seattle Soto Zen chant book (PDF format) 

Original SF Zen Center source material (MS Publisher format)
  Liturgy Practice Audio Recordings
  Valorie Beer as kokyo, Japanese Heart Sutra Downloadand Harmony of Difference and Unity