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Gate of Sweet Dew

Homage to the buddhas in ten directions.
Homage to the dharma in ten directions. 
Homage to the sangha in ten directions. 
Homage to our original teacher, Shakyamuni Buddha. 
Homage to the great merciful, compassionate reliever of suffering, Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva. 
Homage to the expounder of the teachings, the venerable Ananda. 

Giving rise to the awakened mind, we unconditionally offer up a bowl of pure food to all the hungry ghosts in every land to the farthest reaches of vast emptiness in the ten directions, including every atom throughout the entire dharma realm.  We invite all our departed ancestors going back to ancient times, the spirits dwelling in mountains, rivers, and earth, as well as rough demonic spirits from the untamed wilderness, to come and gather here.  Now, with deep sympathy we offer food to all of you, sincerely hoping that you will each accept this food and turn it over, making offerings to buddhas, sages, and all sentient beings throughout the vast emptiness of the universe, so that you and all the many sentient beings will be satisfied.  Moreover, we sincerely wish that your bodies be conveyed by these mantrams and food so that you may depart from suffering, be liberated, find birth in heaven, and receive joy.  In accordance with your intentions, may you travel freely through the pure lands in the ten directions and arouse awakened mind practicing the awakened way and in the future become a buddha without regressing.  We entreat those who have previously attained the way since ancient times to vow to realize liberation with all other beings together.  Day and night, constantly protect us so that our vows will be fulfilled.  We offer food to beings throughout the dharma realm, so that every being will equally receive this fortunate offering.  Whatever virtue and merit this produces, we completely transfer and dedicate to the unsurpassed awakening with total clarity and wisdom of the whole dharma realm of true reality, that all may speedily attain buddhahood without incurring any other destinies.  May all sentient beings of the dharma realm take advantage of this teaching to quickly attain buddhahood.